Professional Dog Training in Polk County, IA

Our customized training programs are designed to help your dog master the most common obedience commands, including sit, stay, lay down, come, and heel. We’ll also guide you through overcoming common challenges such as leash-pulling and jumping on people.

The owner is also a student in our training classroom. We’ll teach you the best ways to continually support and improve upon your dog’s training long after class has ended.

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German shepherd mix at training graduation
Dog at Ankeny training graduation

Free Training Evaluation

Step one is to set up your free evaluation at our training center. Before your visit, you’ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire we’ll use to determine the best approach. Then, you & your dog will meet one of our training specialists. We’ll assess your dog’s temperament and current skill level, keeping your training goals in mind. After discussing your challenges & goals, we’ll develop a personalized training program just for you & your dog.

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Proven Dog Training Options

The pet parent is also a student in our training classroom! We’ll teach you the best ways to continually support and improve upon your dog’s training long after class has ended.

We’re best known for our training camps, but we have options for all needs! Here are our fun training options at Bark Avenue Pet Resorts.

Dogs working with a trainer at Ankeny Bark Avenue

Stay & Train

While your dog enjoys all the fun and amenities of a stay with us, they’ll receive multiple daily training sessions on a program built for your needs. Our immersive on-site training environment, combined with the extended time your pup gets with us, makes Stay & Train one of our most effective programs. Training comes between playtimes, which means dogs have already spent their extra energy and met their craving for fun. This helps them focus on training, leading to the best concentration and retention.

Dog at Ankeny Bark Avenue training graduation

Here’s everything Stay & Train includes:

  • A complete stay in our premium lodging facilities including a comfy bed, air-conditioned surroundings and all the amenities of home
  • Multiple daily training lessons based on your pup’s customized program. Your dog will meet with several trainers who use positive and proven techniques. Training should be fun!
  • Daily playtimes of your choice! Your pup can join other dogs for a fun social day or play one-on-one with a human caregiver. Playtime is a big part of what makes Stay & Train so successful!
  • Lots of personalized care and attention from our loving staff, including prompt “room service” and daily wellness checks.
  • Your ongoing success is important to us. With every Stay & Train program you’ll receive follow-up support and materials including information packets, resources, and at-home exercises.
Dog at Ankeny training graduation

Our Positive & Balanced Approach

At Bark Avenue Pet Resorts, we believe praise is the ideal motivator. With lots of affection, exceptional timing and positive reinforcement, our experienced trainers work in a way that’s friendly & comprehensible to your dog.

Our trainers cherish the uniqueness of every dog yet understand each group and breed of dogs have common traits. We have designed programs for all breeds and ages. Each program has three main goals:

  1. Teach your dog to respond to verbal commands using positive reinforcement
  2. Teach you to continue training and improving your dog’s positive behaviors beyond the classroom
  3. Provide ongoing support and coaching to ensure your dog retains his new knowledge

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Dog Training at Bark Avenue Pet Resorts

Does your dog pull on the leash?

Greet your guests by jumping on them?

Run away when you call?

Dogs are naturally intelligent and eager to learn—they just need to be shown the way to unlock their true potential! At Bark Avenue Pet Resorts, we’ll design and guide you through a custom-tailored training program to address common challenges and help your dog be an even more amazing family member.

  • Our comprehensive programs are based on industry-leading techniques utilizing positive-reinforcement driven by real results
  • Your dog is even guaranteed to benefit from our program when it’s closely followed and maintained
  • We have an amazing success rate addressing the most common training challenges including leash walking, jumping, and communication
  • We’re proud members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • We have a full staff to support your training endeavors including ongoing support and customer service
Dogs at Ankeny training graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

To keep our guests safe and healthy, we require all dogs be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies, distemper combo, and Bordetella.